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3-Slots Octagon Velvet Ring Box - The Ultimate Ring Storage Solution by Liron Tresor

The wedding or engagement ring box is one of the most overlooked items as most people perceive it to serve one simple function – storage. However, did you know an attractive box can offer a ton of other benefits, such as offering a great first impression, elevating the ring’s beauty and charm, and making a great addition to engagement proposals and ceremony photoshoots? So, whether you’re looking to propose or already have, get yourself a multi-purpose jewelry box perfectly stores and displays the prize inside while making a great piece of ceremony décor itself – the 3-Slots Octagon Velvet Ring Box by Liron Tresor. Keep reading to learn why this stunning velvet ring box makes a perfect addition to your...

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Popping the Question with a Personalized Engagement Ring Box

Couples spend a lot of time and effort designing or choosing the perfect engagement ring for their significant other. However, they often forget to pay attention to the engagement ring box, which is just as important as selecting the perfect ring. Before popping the question, soon-to-be-engaged individuals wonder whether the engagement ring box is even necessary. While putting the ring in a champagne glass or hiding it in their bag are both elegant and classic ways, they can also be dangerous for the ring. The ring box is not just a pretty gift box but a box to keep it safe, damage, and scratch-free. Apart from the safety perspective, the jewelry industry picks up the packaging trend, in which customized ring boxes have become an integral part...

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Do You Think the Engagement Ring Box Doesn’t Matter? Think Again!

Couples devote most of their time and effort to picking or designing a stunning engagement ring for their significant other. Unfortunately, most of them forget all about the engagement ring box, which is almost as important as the ring in our opinion. After all, the box shelters ring you plan to use as a symbol of love and commitment. If you’re hunting for a ring, read on to learn the importance of a custom ring box and choose one that perfectly showcases the prize in all its shining splendor. The Importance of an Engagement Ring Box An engagement wedding ring box can make a significant difference when proposing to your partner. It makes a statement that you put some serious thought into the...

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